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In Crossfire: Sierra Squad, you are the leader of an elite fireteam in the middle of a war. Be prepared for fierce resistance from all sides as you battle a variety of crafty enemies in a relentless search for answers.

63 Campaign Missions

Experience high-quality characters, maps, and gameplay that Crossfire fans have become accustomed to, now in VR. Face fierce firefights between rival factions, Black List and Global Risk, in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. Play through 13 main campaign missions (single-player), 50 squad campaign missions (single-player or 2 -player co-op), and Horde Mode (up to 4-player co-op).

39 Different Weapons

Master a large variety of weapons including pistols, rifles, and sniper rifles with revolutionary scope mechanics that give you plenty of options to dispatch 17 types of enemies. Turn the tides of battle by catching enemy grenades and throwing them from whence they came.

17 Types of Enemies

Your adversaries are fearsome. In addition to soldiers with seemingly superhuman strength armed to the teeth with the finest weaponry available, you'll face drones, bosses and vehicles brimming with mercenaries hell-bent on your destruction. Bring your A-game, because they'll be bringing theirs.


Clearing the enemies out won't be easy. But if you need help, you can recruit a friend for co-op to conquer the squad missions or grab a few to take on the challenging Horde Mode as a fireteam of up to 4 players!

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